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Thank you Autodesk for this. Most manufactures are lost when it comes to creating content. Most get someone to model their product and that is all it is. I have had the opportunity to review a few manuf. content and most of it was pretty pictures.

It may be a good idea to have a survey of Revit users of what they are looking for in content. Find out what is important to them.

Hey Tucker - you bet. Sit tight as I try to get some videos and more content posted. Thank you for your comment - I appreciate it.

In the same set of Revit content there are spelling mistakes within the parameters, so no QA for the simple items by the person creating the content.

I had a manufacturer's salesman at our office for a lunch and learn the other day just beaming with pride as he showed off his beautiful Revit families for Toilet Seats. Fully Parametric Toilet Seats. He looked pretty hurt when I told him I would never bloat my MEP model with useless families like toilet seats. Or for that matter his over modeled toilets (fully modeled P-Trap and all). We all really need to work together to spread the word about this problem to the manufacturers. Thanks for the blog William

Thanks Gabe - hopefully spreading the word is just what this blog will do. If everyone who reads this points their vendors, distributors and manufacturers to this site, that will help speed up edifying the manufacturing industry.

And I also wanted to thank you for leaving the manufacturer anonymous in your reply. I am making light of this even though it goes without saying, because I want everyone else who contributes in any way on Family Jewels, to understand the intention is this is meant to be a place where manufacturers can come to find brutally honest feedback, but still feel welcome. I.e. this should always be a "deprecation free" zone where no one is ever singled out by name to be taken to the woodshed by users for whatever they're not happy about (not to mention the legal consequences if someone did start mentioning names). So thank you for setting the precedent of sharing your thoughts in a professional yet honest reply that will help manufacturers get the information they need, ultimately to provide better content, without them feeling personally berated.

Keep the feedback coming, and thanks again Gabe. It was a pleasure meeting you Thursday!


BTW Tucker (and anyone else who wants to tell Autodesk what you want in Revit MEP content), there is an open survey right now for just that (for plumbing and piping at least) both on AUGI and on the Autodesk Discussion Boards. See the Plumbing and Piping Content post on 4/29/10 on this, the Family Jewels blog.

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