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These are lousy.

This was a freebie I hadn't played with. Can you be specific and explain what about them makes them "lousy." If they're that bad, I'll remove them, but let's be constructive. Fair?

Your post was lousy.
This is a blog from a couple of Autodesk'ers, et al, founded upon a "watershed" moment that family content of low value and questionable standards are polluting the waters. I expected your content to be like an exquisitely wrapped gift, elegant and simple on the outside with layers of bows and ribbons unveiling truly remarkable content...a "jewel". This would be something to be unpackaged and studied, dissected and understood. I wanted to be inspired, educated, schooled, and wowed. Your content would make us all better at making content.
And yet here are two haphazardly named families, admittedly of unknown origin and untested, in blatant contrast to your very own founding tenets. Your watershed moment, it seems, is another drop in the polluted waters. Here’s a man seated at the Table of Autodesk, and all he can throw us are these table scraps? Were these the "jewels" you had in mind? Fair enough?

I agree with your expectations for the focus of this blog, and the quality of content I might provide… it’s a high bar to clear. You are also correct that I’ve fallen short in posting merely to keep up momentum at the cost of QC, and you’re right to expect better.

Although I don’t think this is the right place to wade into some of the emotion you put into your last post, my previous request still does stand. I remain interested to hear what constructive feedback you have on the content I posted. So for now I have removed the content links until I have time to review them myself. My bad - lesson learned.

That said, I appreciate you (and other readers) holding me to the high standards you expect as a reader, and I look forward to hearing your expertise and engaging with you at that level going forward.


Bravo, for taking criticism (constructive and otherwise.) I think this is a topic that will garner a lot of conversation. I’m anxious to see if the conversation will remain uncensored.

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